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You’ve had a cat for years. She has become such a part of the family that you can’t imagine living without her. But, now you want something more: an animal less independent that needs extra love and attention. Should you get a dog? Will the presence of the dog make your cat crazy? Will they get along? All of these questions are typical questions cat owners ask when considering bringing a dog into a home. The truth is, if introduced the right way, the dog and cat can be the best of friends.
Your best bet for peaceful coexistence is a puppy. More than likely, older dogs have already experienced the exhilaration of cat chasing, so it’s hard to break them of this habit. Some breeders recommend that you get a puppy that is the opposite sex of you cat, but this is completely up to you. Both animals need to be up-to-date on vaccinations and be free of fleas and ticks. Also, make sure your cat is in good health. If your cat has health problems, then you should probably reconsider bringing home a dog. Cats are territorial, and the stress of the newcomer could make your cat’s health worse.
When you first bring home the new pup, make sure he is on a leash. Puppies are rambunctious, while cats are calm. An over-excited puppy will scare your cat, making contact between the two much more difficult. Don’t force the two to interact. Cats are curious and will more than likely want to sniff the pup. Growling, hissing, and barking are normal reactions for both animals, so don’t be alarmed if it’s noisy. Do, however, be ready to intervene in case of a fight.
Once the animals have met, then let all other interactions be natural. Keep each animal's food and water in separate places. That way, both animals can enjoy their food and eat comfortably. During the first few days (or weeks, depending on their progress) of the initial interaction phase, keep the animals separated in different parts of the home. A good way to do this is with a baby gate. That way, the two pets have a chance to sniff and interact with each other, but still have an easy escape route. In case of aggression, cats should always have places to flee that are out of reach of the dog.
Some animal shelters recommend "scent switching" while the animals are still separated by the baby gate. Scent switching is easy, and it allows both animals to get used to the smell of the other. To do this, take a small towel and rub it on your cat, or take a blanket that your cat often sleeps upon. Place the scented towel or blanket near the pup’s food bowl. There are two reasons for placing the towel near the food: 1. the dog will have constant contact with the scent, and 2. the dog will associate the scent with something he loves, food. Repeat this procedure, placing a dog-scented towel near the cat’s food. It's important that you pay attention to their eating habits. Although a rare occurrence, make sure that the scented towel is not causing either animal to refuse to eat.
Once the animals get to know each other, then you can try to take down the baby gate. However, do not leave the animals completely unsupervised. Make sure that the interactions are safe for both animals. As your dog learns commands, it's important that you teach him "down" or "stay" around the cat. That way, if a quarrel erupts, you can call down the dog. Also, keep your cat’s fingernails clipped. You do not want her to scratch your pup’s face and cause an infection.
Even after the animals become comfortable in the same space, you still need to keep them separated when you’re not home. Continue keeping them separated until you are absolutely sure they will not fight.
Introducing a new puppy into the home of an existing cat can be stressful for both animals. It's important that you let them meet slowly and get to know each other on their own terms. In the beginning, keeping their food separated is necessary. You also want them both to have their own safe place. Once acquainted, dogs and cats can be good friends, bringing even more happiness and joy to your home.

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Transport and logistics industries are of particular importance for the Latvian economy since they have a steady GDP growth and provide services to virtually all other sectors of the national economy.Rolands petersons cpm trading Every year it is emphasized that this sector should be recognized as a priority and extend its promotion, however, the representatives of the transport and logistics sector are looking forward to more concrete and long-term solutions.Rolands petersons cpm trading

9.1% of the value added to the GDP of Latvia

Despite the political and economic changes of the last decade, the influence of the transport and logistics industry on the economy of our country remains high: in 2016 the sector increased the value added to the GDP by 9.1%. Moreover, the average monthly gross wage is still higher then in other sectors - in 2016 in other sectors of the economy it was 859 euros, whereas in storage and transportation sector the average gross wage is about 870 euros (1,562 euros - water transport, 2,061 euros - air transport, 1059 euros in the of storage and auxiliary transport activities, etc.).

Special economic area as an additional support

The positive examples of the logistics industry are the ports that have developed a good structure.Rolands petersons cpm trading Riga and Ventspils ports function as free ports, and the Liepaja port is included in the Liepaja Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Companies operating in free ports and SEZ can receive not only the 0 tax rate for customs, excise, and value-added tax but also a discount of up to 80% of the company's income and up to 100% of the real estate tax.Rolands petersons cpm trading The port is actively implementing various investment projects related to the construction and development of industrial and distribution parks. The attraction of investments promotes the creation of higher added value, development of production, expansion of a spectrum of given services and creation of new workplaces. It is necessary to bring to the attention the small ports - SKULTE, Mersrags, SALACGRiVA, Pavilosta, Roja, Jurmala, and Engure, which currently occupy a stable position in the Latvian economy and have already become regional economic activity centers.

Port of Liepaja, will be the next Rotterdam.

There is also a wide range of opportunities for growth, and a number of actions that can be taken to meet projected targets.Rolands petersons cpm trading There is a strong need for the services with high added value, the increase of the processed volumes of cargo by attracting new freight flows, high-quality passenger service and an introduction of modern technologies and information systems in the area of transit and logistics. Liepaja port has all the chances to become the second Rotterdam in the foreseeable future.Rolands petersons cpm trading

Latvia as a distribution center for cargos from Asia and the Far East.

One of the most important issues for further growth of the port and special economic zone is the development of logistics and distribution centers, mainly focusing on the attraction of goods from Asia and the Far East.Rolands petersons cpm trading Latvia can serve as a distribution center for cargos in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries for Asia and the Far East (f.e. China, Korea). The tax regime of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone in accordance with the Law "On Taxation in Free Ports and Special Economic Zones" on December 31, 2035.Rolands petersons cpm trading This allows traders to conclude an agreement on investment and tax concession until December 31, 2035, until they reach a contractual level of assistance from the investments made. Considering the range of benefits provided by this status, it is necessary to consider the possible extension of the term.

Infrastructure development and expansion of warehouse space

Our advantage lies in the fact that there is not only a strategic geographical position but also a developed infrastructure that includes deep-water berths, cargo terminals, pipelines and territories free from the cargo terminal. Apart from this, we can add a good structure of pre-industrial zone, distribution park, multi-purpose technical equipment, as well as the high level of security not only in terms of delivery but also in terms of the storage and handling of goods. In the future, it would be advisable to pay more attention to access roads (railways and highways), increase the volume of storage facilities, and increase the number of services provided by ports. Participation in international industry exhibitions and conferences will make it possible to attract additional foreign investments and will contribute to the improvement of international image.Rolands petersons cpm trading

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