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The firm makes use of a proprietary assessment method during the review of all candidates. This method is founded on awarding maximum of 100 points to the nominee as well as there's zero limit with regards to how many nominees could win in any one classification. Additionally a nominee could quite possibly get into many different different types therefore earn quite a few award/awards.

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• Aston Martin / Very Best Car
• Bentley / Very Best Car
• Bugatti / Very Best Car
• Ferrari / Very Best Car
• Koenigsegg / Very Best Car
• Lamborghini / Very Best Car
• Maserati / Very Best Car
• Maybach / Very Best Car
• Mclaren / Very Best Car
• Mercedes G-Class & Sls-Amg / Very Best Car
• Porsche / Very Best Car
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• Henriot Cuvйe Des Enchanteleurs / Very Best Champagne
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• Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame / Very Best Champagne


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• Chвteau Angйlus / Very Best Wine
• Chвteau Ausone / Very Best Wine
• Chвteau Beaucastel / Very Best Wine
• Chвteau Canon / Very Best Wine
• Chвteau Cheval Blanc / Very Best Wine
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• Chвteau Clinet / Very Best Wine
• Chвteau Cos D'estournel / Very Best Wine
• Chвteau D'yquem / Very Best Wine
• Chвteau Haut-Brion / Very Best Wine
• Chвteau La Conseillante / Very Best Wine
• Chвteau La Mission Haut-Brion / Very Best Wine
• Chвteau Lafite Rothschild / Very Best Wine
• Chвteau Lafleur / Very Best Wine
• Chвteau Latour / Very Best Wine
• Chвteau Le Pin / Very Best Wine
• Chвteau Lйoville-Las-Cases / Very Best Wine
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• Chвteau Palmer / Very Best Wine
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• Chвteau Trotanoy / Very Best Wine
• Domaine De Chevalier / Very Best Wine
• Domaine De La Romanйe-Conti / Very Best Wine
• Kracher / Very Best Wine
• Ornellaia / Very Best Wine
• Pйtrus / Very Best Wine
• Sassicaia / Very Best Wine
• Vietti / Very Best Wine
• Vieux Chвteau Certan / Very Best Wine


• Cohiba / Very Best Cigar
• Davidoff Puro D' Oro / Very Best Cigar
• Padron 1964 Anniversary Series / Very Best Cigar
• Montechristo Sublimes Le 2008 | No. 2 / Very Best Cigar


• Amedei / Very Best Chocolate
• Auer / Very Best Chocolate
• Cova / Very Best Pastry
• Gerard Mulot / Very Best Chocolate & Pastry
• Illy / Very Best Coffee
• Jean-Paul Hйvin / Very Best Chocolate
• La Maison Du Chocolat / Very Best Chocolate
• La Pвtisserie Des Rкves / Very Best Pastry
• Lavazza 100 Arabica Blends / Very Best Coffee
• Michel Chaudun / Very Best Chocolate
• Michel Cluizel / Very Best Chocolate
• Nespresso / Very Best Coffee Capsule
• Pascal Caffet / Very Best Pastry
• Pierre Herme / Very Best Pastry
• Pierre Marcolini / Very Best Chocolate & Pastry
• Sadaharu Aoki / Very Best Pastry
• Spruengli / Very Best Chocolate & Pastry
• Teuscher / Very Best Chocolate
• Valrhona / Very Best Chocolate


• Testoni / Very Best Men's Shoe
• Berluti / Very Best Men's Shoe
• Edward Green / Very Best Men's Shoe
• Gj Cleverley & Co. / Very Best Men's Shoe
• John Lobb / Very Best Men's Shoe
• Tanino Crisci / Very Best Men's Shoe


• Anderson & Sheppard / Very Best Men's Wear
• Brioni / Very Best Men's Wear
• Canali / Very Best Men's Wear
• Charvet / Very Best Men's Wear
• Gieves & Hawkes / Very Best Men's Wear
• Huntsman / Very Best Men's Wear
• Kiton / Very Best Men's Wear
• Luigi Borelli / Very Best Men's Wear
• Oxxford Clothes / Very Best Men's Wear
• Rubinacci / Very Best Men's Wear
• Turnbull & Asser / Very Best Men's Wear


• Bottega Veneta / Very Best Handbag
• Chanel / Very Best Handbag
• Delvaux / Very Best Handbag
• Gucci / Very Best Handbag
• Hermes / Very Best Handbag
• Judith Leiber / Very Best Handbag
• Lana Marks / Very Best Handbag
• Loewe / Very Best Handbag
• Louis Vuitton / Very Best Handbag


• Agent Provocateur / Very Best Lingerie
• Carine Gilson / Very Best Lingerie
• Damaris / Very Best Lingerie
• Fleur Of England / Very Best Lingerie
• La Perla / Very Best Lingerie
• Stella Mc Cartney / Very Best Lingerie
• Wolford / Very Best Lingerie
• Wolford / Very Best Legwear


• Aqua Di Lara / Very Best Swimwear
• La Perla / Very Best Swimwear
• Parah / Very Best Swimwear
• Zimmermann / Very Best Swimwear


• Jimmy Choo / Very Best Women's Shoe
• Manolo Blahnik / Very Best Women's Shoe
• Rene Caovilla / Very Best Women's Shoe
• Sergio Rossi / Very Best Women's Shoe
• Stuart Weitzman / Very Best Women's Shoe
• Tods / Very Best Women's Shoe


• Alberta Ferretti / Very Best Women's Wear
• Celine / Very Best Women's Wear
• Chanel / Very Best Women's Wear
• Christian Dior / Very Best Women's Wear
• Elie Saab / Very Best Women's Wear
• Emillio Pucci / Very Best Women's Wear
• Giorgio Armani / Very Best Women's Wear
• Hermes / Very Best Women's Wear
• Jean Paul Gaultier / Very Best Women's Wear
• Ralph Lauren / Very Best Women's Wear
• Stella Mc Cartney / Very Best Women's Wear
• Valentino / Very Best Women's Wear
• Yves Saint Laurent / Very Best Women's Wear


• Bogner / Very Best Ski Wear
• Hermes / Very Best Fashion Accessories
• Holland & Holland / Very Best Hunting Gear
• Louis Vuitton / Very Best Travel Gear
• Purdey & Sons / Very Best Hunting Gear
• Smythson / Very Best Stationery


• Braquenie / Very Best Fabrics
• Brunschwig / Very Best Fabrics
• Frette / Very Best Linen
• Loro Piana / Very Best Fabrics
• Pierre Frey / Very Best Linen
• Pratesi / Very Best Fabrics
• Rubelli / Very Best Fabrics
• Sahco / Very Best Fabrics
• Sanderson / Very Best Fabrics


• Artemide / Very Best Lightning
• B&B Italia / Very Best Furniture
• Baxter / Very Best Furniture
• David Linley / Very Best Furniture
• De Sede / Very Best Furniture
• Dedon / Very Best Outdoor Furniture
• Deutsche Werkstaetten / Very Best Interior Design & Woodworking
• Driade / Very Best Furniture
• Flos / Very Best Lightning
• Giorgetti / Very Best Furniture
• Haestens / Very Best Bed & Matresse
• Poltrona Frau / Very Best Furniture
• Promemoria / Very Best Furniture
• Venini / Very Best Lightning


• Boffi / Very Best Kitchen
• Bulthaupt / Very Best Kitchen
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• Dornbracht / Very Best Bath Accessories
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• La Cornue / Very Best Kitchen Oven
• Miele / Very Best Home Appliances
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• Subzero / Very Best Refrigerator


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• Buccelatti / Very Best Silverware
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• Georg Jensen / Very Best Silverware
• Herend/ Very Best Tableware
• Lalique / Very Best Crystal Ware
• Meissen/ Very Best Tableware
• Puiforcat / Very Best Silverware
• Royal Copenhagen/ Very Best Tableware


• Airbus ACJ18 Eilte / Heavy Cat.
• Beechcraft Premier Ia / Light Cat.
• Bombardier Challenger 300 / Super Mid Size Cat.
• Bombardier Global 5000 / Large Cat.
• Bombardier Learjet 60xr / Mid Size Cat.
• Cessna Citation Xls+ / Mid Size Cat.
• Dassault Falcon 7x / Ultra Long Range Cat.
• Embraer Phenom 100 / Very Light Cat.
• Gulfstream G150 / Mid Size Cat.
• Gulfstream G450 / Large Size Cat.
• Gulfstream G550 / Ultra Long Range Cat.


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• Feadship / Very Best Motor Yacht
• Ferretti / Very Best Motor Yacht
• Lurssen / Very Best Motor Yacht
• Nobiskrug / Very Best Motor Yacht
• Princess / Very Best Motor Yacht
• Riva / Very Best Motor Yacht
• Sunseeker / Very Best Motor Yacht


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• Nautor's Swan / Very Best Sailing Yacht
• Oyster / Very Best Sailing Yacht
• Perini / Very Best Sailing Yacht
• Royal Huisman / Very Best Sailing Yacht
• Vitters Shipyard / Very Best Sailing Yacht


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• Buccellati / Very Best Jewelry
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